The Dissertation

by Maira Butt

Notes To Self

You want to switch from situating your research within the context of neo-liberalism to locate it within a post-colonial framework. This is because your longstanding belief that the world’s problems were solely due to class has been shaken. Your understanding was incomplete without the awareness that racism infused every pore of the arrogance which created the hierarchical divisions you have always resented. You are reading ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe and your heart is being broken piece by piece.  You walk down the stairs of your terraced house in the middle of a street in Burnley, England and it dawns on you how far you are from the place which gave you your skin colour, your nose, your hair and so much of your culture. The place which forces itself on your tongue even when you speak English; your Brit-Asian accent. For a split second you feel utterly stranded…

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